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Review Of Top 10 Best Laptops Under 300 Dollars For Windows 8 OS In 2017

Using cloud storage would give you tactile feedback as you’re doing but for those of you that. Macs are said to give the many requests to create a list of laptops. Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors code-named Haswell processor but you can also checkout list. Quadcore i5 processor will make loading everything in a business laptop […]

VR technology will help educate drivers

Samsung has developed a new mobile application called Drive VR. It is designed to work with VR goggles, and its purpose is to streamline the process of teaching future drivers applying for a driving license. Learning road rules and driving to get a driving license is considered by many to be a very difficult process. […]

Philips announces a new 21st standard TV

Philips has announced the launch of a new 21: 9 cinema-grade TV model with Passive 3D. Philips is preparing for the market launch of the latest 21: 9 movie theater. The 50 “diagonal screen will be equipped with Philips’s Passive 3D technology called Easy 3D, which will give us the depth of image using simple […]

Russian Bujan missile ships

Two Bujan-M rocket corvettes have hit the Baltic Sea, reports Scandinavian media, recalling that all of Europe’s fleet of Kalibr missiles was in range. At the beginning of October, Zielonodolsk and Sierpuchow were seen during the Bosphorus. A spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet explained that the ships were to reinforce naval forces in the […]

Facebook will deal with fraudulent accounts

Anyone who uses social networking sites knows that they are full of fraudulent bots, used for a variety of activities. Facebook has announced the creation of tools that should limit their presence on the portal and protect the privacy of users. On Facebook, you can find many fake accounts that are set up for well-known […]

Unusual behavior of Israeli army women

It is not known today that you should be very careful what is posted on the social networking sites, because it can get us very quickly revenge. This is what happened with four Israeli women who posted their photos on Facebook. It would not be strange if it were not for the fact that these […]

Malware YiSpecter attacks hardware from IOS

Until recently, the iOS platform was the safest mobile system on the market. Today is a thing of the past and the media occasionally reports further threats to users of this platform. The latest is called YiSpecter and it primarily attacks users in China and Taiwan. The echoes of the XcodeGhost malware, which is spreading […]

LeEco retreats from the Silicon Valley

The Chinese giant Leeco, who recently decided to throw a Tesla glove, has increasingly serious financial problems. The company has just announced a sales plan for its headquarters in the Silicon Valley. Leeco is a multinational Chinese corporation that specializes mainly in consumer electronics such as smartphones but not only. Some time ago the company […]

New form of communication on Skypie

Today’s communication on the Internet is extremely colorful and is not limited to text. With his help difficult to express his mood or feelings, so the Internet users often use emojis. Now they have received another way to color their conversations, and it is now available on Skypie’s Mojis feature. Mojis perform similar functions as […]

Smartwatch detects emotions

Thanks to this device, we know what feelings accompany him during the conversation. Smartwatches are still devices that do not have more serious applications, allowing mainly to control the smartphone functions remotely. However, MIT researchers have developed a new type of software for these devices that show their capabilities can be much wider than we […]