Facebook will deal with fraudulent accounts

Anyone who uses social networking sites knows that they are full of fraudulent bots, used for a variety of activities. Facebook has announced the creation of tools that should limit their presence on the portal and protect the privacy of users.

On Facebook, you can find many fake accounts that are set up for well-known people who serve a variety of purposes, such as phishing. Criminals take photos and data from a real profile and then use them to create a false copy. As the portal is extremely popular and many things we do there are likely to hit our employer, such a false account can make life very difficult.

Facebook is working on new tools to warn you that someone wants to tap into it, using a profile photo and personal information. When the tool detects that a criminal is impersonating a registered user, he or she will immediately inform the user. Of course, in this case, the account owner will be asked to identify to confirm that the false profile is certainly underlining it and eliminate the mere coincidence of names.

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