Malware YiSpecter attacks hardware from IOS

Until recently, the iOS platform was the safest mobile system on the market. Today is a thing of the past and the media occasionally reports further threats to users of this platform. The latest is called YiSpecter and it primarily attacks users in China and Taiwan.

The echoes of the XcodeGhost malware, which is spreading through applications available at the Apple Store, have yet to be heard, and we are already hearing another threat to iOS hardware users. This time it is called YiSpecter and it is playing mainly in Asia, mainly in China and Taiwan.

YiSpecter is particularly threatening, as malware has so far been targeted primarily by users who have decided to jailbreak their jailbroken devices, so much for the new threat it makes no difference. So all smartphone owners and tablets are exposed.

YiSpecter has been around the web for almost 10 months, but now one of the cyber security companies has been able to detect it. It was not easy because it was equipped with advanced defense mechanisms, which make it difficult to detect and remove from an infected device, and its task is to send to the remote data servers stolen from the memory of mobile devices.

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