Russian Bujan missile ships

Two Bujan-M rocket corvettes have hit the Baltic Sea, reports Scandinavian media, recalling that all of Europe’s fleet of Kalibr missiles was in range.

At the beginning of October, Zielonodolsk and Sierpuchow were seen during the Bosphorus. A spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet explained that the ships were to reinforce naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea, protecting the Russian military base in Syria.

Shortly afterwards, both Bujan-M corvettes were seen near Malta and then flowing through Gibraltar. Two days ago, they were photographed in the North Sea, and yesterday the Kattegat strait crossed.

Probable targets are Kaliningrad waters. This can be read as a political move. Putin is aware that it will attract attention. This can be a demonstration of strength. From a military point of view, this means that Russia is capable of attacking targets across the North, “says quoted by Tomas Ries of the Swedish Military Academy.

Bujan-M – small units with which opponents of Russia must count

Bujany-M, Zielonodolsk and Sierpuchow are new units that joined the Black Sea fleet in 2015.

Bujan’s corvette is to assume the role of the fleet of dozens of rocket launchers during the Cold War – by replacing several times the range and strength of the fire. The first units (project 21630), 62 meters long, 9.6 meters wide with a draft of 2 meters, were designed for patrolling coastal waters and assisting on board. The 100 mm (A-190), two 30 mm (AK-630) and forty Grad-M (A-215) rocket launchers provided them with the ability to effectively fire enemy positions from a distance of several kilometers. Bujan has become a good example of how to create the most effective unit with minimal effort, but Bujan-M’s subtype has gained much attention.

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Onboard the larger (75 meters, 11 meters wide) Bujan version instead of the Grad-M rocket launcher, there are launchers of the Kalibr-NK, increasing the range of the unit to 2,500 kilometers and significantly expanding its tactical significance. Analysts have no doubt that the ISIS Caspian missile launched last year was a demonstration of the combat capabilities of the units, which currently cover almost all EU countries.

In addition to the previously mentioned 100 mm, 30 mm turrets, the Kalibr capable of land-shelling, but also targeting 7,62 aircraft, under and underwater and machine guns, the ships were also equipped with Igla-M anti-aircraft guns.

The term “armed to the teeth” in the context of the relatively small Bujan-M units is fully justified.

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