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VR technology will help educate drivers

Samsung has developed a new mobile application called Drive VR. It is designed to work with VR goggles, and its purpose is to streamline the process of teaching future drivers applying for a driving license. Learning road rules and driving to get a driving license is considered by many to be a very difficult process. […]

Facebook will deal with fraudulent accounts

Anyone who uses social networking sites knows that they are full of fraudulent bots, used for a variety of activities. Facebook has announced the creation of tools that should limit their presence on the portal and protect the privacy of users. On Facebook, you can find many fake accounts that are set up for well-known […]

A fingerprint will show if you have taken cocaine

British researchers at the University of Surrey have just developed a new drug test to detect cocaine in the body of the study, solely on the basis of a fingerprint. This will no longer be possible to falsify the results. Previous drug tests were not 100% accurate and sometimes the results were not consistent with […]