Unusual behavior of Israeli army women

It is not known today that you should be very careful what is posted on the social networking sites, because it can get us very quickly revenge. This is what happened with four Israeli women who posted their photos on Facebook.

It would not be strange if it were not for the fact that these photographs were gently indecent. On the first one, one woman was wearing only underwear and the other two were pulling on their trousers, presenting their feminine strengths. On the other hand, they had fewer clothes on the other.

This picture, of course, did not appeal to the Israeli army’s leadership, who decided to take the consequences for women and declared that they had been punished for behavior that was not appropriate for the soldiers. However, the names of women were not given, nor did they reveal the exactness of the punishment.

The military has also decided to implement solutions that will prevent similar incidents in the future, and therefore distributed to the soldiers special educational brochures explaining what is allowed and what they are not allowed to do.

I wonder if this will have any effect, especially since Israeli soldiers have been very eager to show up in social media in recent years. Last year, a scandal triggered a photo of the Israeli Defense Forces chief, who was hailed as a racist, after he posted a photo of a muddy face on Facebook, signing it “Obama style.”

In 2010, one Israeli soldier was also sentenced after YouTube posted a video of a suggestive dance around a Palestinian woman. At that time, many other photographs were discovered in her collection, including a photo of him posing next to a Palestinian prisoner. After the incident was revealed day by day, the army command banned the use of social media by soldiers during their stay in the base. As you can see, this ban has not gone through much.

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